MMAS Research LLC provides diagnostic assessment solutions using the validated ©Morisky Medication Adherence Scale™. The Morisky Widget automatically administers (to any internet connected device) MMAS tests in over 80 languages with zero clinician and minimum patient burden.

Over 110 condition specific versions of the MMAS-8 are available. Condition specific tests offer sensitivity of 93% as compared to the generic MMAS-8 at 83% sensitivity.

The Morisky Widget can be used as a stand-along diagnostic service or integrated with your existing solutions (e.g., EMR,Surveys). Integration offers the ability to correlate risk levels for medication non-adherence with the most current physiological measures to alert clinicians for the urgent need to modify prescriptions, interventions, and referrals to treatment.

Use of the ©MMAS is protected by US copyright laws. Permission for use is required. A license agreement is available from Morisky Research LLC.

Morisky Widget

The Morisky Widget is a diagnostic assessment solution for the validated ©Morisky Medication Adherence Scale™. It provides a web-based interface for clinicians and researchers to create, review, and launch MMAS assessments.

MMAS Assessments consist of one or more generic or condition specific MMAS-8 tests provided to patients in any one of 80 different languages. The interface couldn't be simpler. Create a new assessment for a patient in no time at all.

You have choices on how you want to work the Morisky Widget into your workflow

  • Create an assessment and launch it directly, with the clinician using the test as a script.
  • Create an assessment and provide a patients email address. An email will be sent to the patient with a link to complete the assessment.
  • Create an assessment and allow give patients ask to a kiosk where they can take the tests. When an assessment is created, a short 5 digit code is generated and can be give to a patient to launch the test at the kiosk.

In addition to these basic workflow integrations, the Morisky Widget can be integrated with your software systems. See the Integration solution for more details.

Once a patient has completed their assessment, the results are immediately visible in the user interface.

The results include the answers provided to the tests, the total score, the intentional score, and the unintentional score for each of the tests included in the assessments. Additionally organizations can export/download all of the completed assessments so that they may be imported into existing systems or used in studies.

Additional integrations, can be investigated in the Integration solution.


There are a number of ways that the Morisky Widget can be integrated with your unique needs. The Morisky Widget provides a complete API allowing assessments to be created, delivered, and score. Additionally, it can be configured to send assessments to your organization in real-time.

The API provides organizations to automatically do the following:

  • Create new assessments and associate those assessments with any desired identifier (patient id, encounter id, survey id, etc)
  • Retrieve a url or code which can users can be sent to to take the assessment. Furthermore, these urls can be configured to send the user back to an organization's system upon completion
  • Query for one or more completed assessments and retrieve the assessment results

More detailed information about integration will be provided soon. In the mean time, please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions.